Hybrid Optomechanical Technologies (HOT) will lay the foundation for a new generation of hybrid devices which exploit a nano- or micro-mechanical oscillator to couple and control the electrical, optical and microwave domains. These devices will enable capabilities such as low phase-noise microwave generation, radio frequency-to-optical conversion and on-chip microwave and optical isolators. Target domains include medicine (MRI), security (radar and terahertz imaging), timing and navigation, and future quantum technology. The conference will cover the broader field of Quantum Science and Technology, including (but not limited to) hybrid quantum systems, quantum measurements, quantum interfaces, atomic, microwave and optical approaches to opto- and electro-mechanics.

This conference brings together international groups from different fields to discuss the latest developments and future challenges of this technology in the scenic and impressive setting of Monte Verità. The conference includes invited talks from distinguished speakers and poster sessions for which a prize will be awarded at the end of the conference.




“Hybrid Optomechanical Technologies HOT” (www.hot‐fetpro.eu) is an EU H2020 Future Emerging Technologies Proactive (FET) project, funded under grant agreement 732894.